Our vegetarian eatery GREEN BAR offers you wide variety of hot meals, salads, desserts, plus hot and cold drinks. Light vegetarian food is friendly to your health, purse and time.

Main features of our self-service system with the cashier scales

- we offer vegetarian meals at a unified price
- the weight of the empty plates is automatically deducted
- you pay only for what you have put on the plate
- you select your meal and its quantity yourself
- you can chose your meal with your eyes and nose
- our menu is permanently changed reflecting the actual offer of the fresh ingredients
- our daily menu always offers meals for vegans and coeliacs, which are clearly marked
- we use fresh ingredients
- open kitchen
- children will find here their corner with toys

The self-service

1. Just take your tray, spoon, knife and fork, bowl and plate
2. Select your readymade meal and salads, pay at the cashier proportionally to the weight of your selection. Mind the price list for the soup, bread, drinks and the desserts.

Carry-away meals

You can eventually put your selected meals into a plastic box and carry it home.

In this company we register receipts under the EET system.