We offer a large choice of main meals flavored with herbs and spices, nutritious salads, sweet desserts, homemade delightful pastry and hot or cold drinks.
Green Bar is a buffet-style restaurant: you choose your own composition of food and pay by weight at the cash desk (only for the amount you took ;) ).
The prices are in CZK, we accept only cash (not credit cards!). You can also pack your meal in our box or in your own box. This restaurant is register in the EET system of sales.

Main vegetarian dished

Salads 100g / 26,-

Main Dishes 100g / 26,-

Soup / 40,-

Pastry, Bread / 8,-



Normal dessert / 30,-

Big dessert / 40,-

Cake / 29,-



Natural soya drink, Whey / 20,-

Herbal tea / 20,-

Water / 28,-

Juice / 25,-

Drink from young barley grass / 20,-

Homemade lemonade / 20,-

Iced tea / 40,-

Kofola / 25,-

Tea (Dilmah, bio) / 25,-

Beer (alcohol free) / 25,-

Freshly squeezed juice Ugo / 35,-

Juice Rauch / 35,-



Box square (little, middle, big) / 10,-

Box round / 5,-

Cup for soup / 7,-

Sachet / 2,-

Fresh fish 1 / 115,-

Fresh fish 2 / 125,-

Frequently asked questions

Can I have a look at your daily menu?

We’re posting in advance on Facebook the content of our special menus and from time to time, we bring there also some delicious and extraordinary dish to the fore. But for the moment, it’s all :) We are taking the liberty to maintain a moment of surprise when the customer come to the Green Bar. Also, we love to have the freedom of improvisation during cooking, based on the actual local and seasonal products.

Each day you can experience a range of new tastes, we offer more than 6 variations of salads (+ a wild choice of dressings), and there is at least one vegan and one gluten-free dish every day. You can enjoy delicious homemade breads or pastries, taste some lovingly made desserts, boost your immune system with fresh smoothies or with a drink from young barley grass or warm up with our fabulous selection of teas. Every allergen is clearly labelled. So, come in! You’ll certainly find your favorite!


Can I pay with meal voucher/tickets? And with credit cards?

Yes, we accept payments with meal vouchers/tickets. Unfortunately, we don’t dispose of a credit card system yet, therefore we accept just cash.

Why can we find fish in your menu? Aren’t you a vegetarian restaurant?

Although the establishment is a vegetarian one, one can genuinely feel that the fresh fishes are respected like the rest of the plant-based menu.Since the beginning, Tuesdays have become traditional days for those who aren’t 100% vegetarian to enjoy a flavorful fish. Every dish is clearly labelled and marked, so no stress! there’s no possibility than a strict vegan pick up something fishy!  We’re hoping that this “vegetarian exception” will not disturb or violate the peaceful and open spirit of Green Bar :)


Opening hours:
Monday-Friday 10h – 17h.
Green Bar
Ztracená 321/3, 779 00 Olomouc